Meat, Koch's Family Farm, Ground Turkey, 1 lb Frozen

$ 7.95

The third generation of the Koch family, Duane, Barb, Pam, and Beth, took over operations in the mid 1990's. In the first year, we experimented with the possibility of growing turkeys using an all vegetarian diet without any usage of antibiotics during the life of the turkey. Having reached success on our third flock, we have raised our turkeys this way ever since. This All-Natural approach to raising turkey is the reason that Koch's turkeys taste as good as they do.

Koch's Turkey Farm is proud to raise turkeys without antibiotics while feeding an all vegetarian diet that consists only of corn, soybeans, vitamins, and minerals. We do not use animal by-products nor by-products of any kind such as out of date bakery goods, fish meal, or pet food by-products.