Meat, Fossil Farms PIEDMONTESE Beef Burgers-3 per pack

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Never have a tough piece of meat again! With Piedmontese Beef, we can guarantee it. Originally from the Alpine Hills of Northern Italy, this breed of cattle is naturally tender. Blessed with a unique genetic structure, they have more muscle fibers, that are smaller, which require minimal force to cut or chew.

Fossil Farms Piedmontese Beef, grown in the Midwest, has an incredible flavor profile because it is pasture-raised and finished by feeding on source verified vegetarian grain (No corn or soy). They are humanely raised, 100% all-natural and are part of the “Never Ever Program”, where antibiotics, hormones and steroids are never used. These cattle are packed with vitamins, minerals and are low in cholesterol. We know our farmers and can source verify the origin of the family-owned ranches that these cattle come from. This is the healthy beef option without compromising taste or tenderness!

Fossil Farms is a mission driven company guided by principles. They are pioneers in healthy and sustainable alternatives to conventional red meat. They specialize in providing the highest quality farm raised wild game, game birds, exotic meats and all natural meats in the country.

The truth is there is no such thing as cheap meat! The externalized costs of factory farming have negative effects on the welfare of animals, the natural environment and the integral quality of the product itself.

FF has been challenging the status quo for over 23 years and are driven to do things differently in order to make significant impact in the industry and create more access to and demand for sustainable and healthy alternatives to conventionally raised meat from factory farms.