Cecil Creek Farm Eggs, Free Range, Organic Grain Fed, 1 dozen

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Our 42 acre USDA Certified Organic Farm is host to 3 different breeds of laying hens and they are all free-ranged (as much as the hawks and coyote will allow) and fed the highest quality Lakeview Organic Grain feed along with lots and lots of organic fruits and veggies everyday.

Our oldest ladies are Rhode Island Reds and they have been with us since 2016 and as they started to decline in their productivity, we added a flock of beautiful Ameraucana hens known for their feathered resemblance to pheasants and their blue eggs with deep golden yolks! We chose this breed also for their robust laying habit, resistance to cold weather and most logically, so we could tell which flock was doing most of the laying; brown vs. blue eggs!

This spring, we are anticipating the beginning of egg laying for our youngest flock of Brown Egg Layer Hens which are a cross between a White Rock Female and a Rhode Island Red Male. These birds can sustain 90 months of laying and much like our original flock, are more social than the Ameraucanas. So don't be surprised if you have a few feathered friends visit during your time on the farm!

We also offer weekly and bi-weekly egg shares through our CSA (community supported agriculture)program. And if you prefer we make your eggs, Chef Ulrich is busy making breakfast every Saturday from 8am-noon in The Market Cafe on the farm.