Goot Essa

Howard, PA

Goot Essa (meaning Good Food in Pennsylvania Dutch) is a cooperative of Plain Pennsylvania dairy farmers located in Central PA just outside of State College. This group banded together 2001 to sell milk and cheeses so they could get better returns on their milk prices. Quite simply, Goot Essa represents a group of five families trying to stay on their small farms and are willing to work hard to do so.

"We have chosen to work our fields in the traditional way. Our farms are small, but each acre and each animal is cared for with love and respect for the ways of nature. Ours are true family farms where each member of the family has chores and contributes to the good of the farm and the community."

Milk from Goot Essa farms are delivered to three Amish cheese makers; the cheeses are then brought back to the home farm for aging in caves or the cheese cooler. Using only natural ingredients, no preservatives and made the old fashioned way, Goot Essa cheeses are artisanal in the truest sense. Goot Essa cheese is shipped only when it reaches its maximum flavor peak, so you know you are truly getting the best.